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Beautiful Clover Lawn at David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL is the site of the 29th Annual Champagne British Car Show, Sunday, May 31, 2020.

The entire grounds will be festooned with colorful Union Jacks and manufacturer’s flags, including such venerable British marques as MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin Healey.  ALL Triumph cars are the featured marque for 2020.

Dawn Patrol

The Sunday Car Show is free to spectators, but donations to benefit the David Davis Mansion Foundation are encouraged.

7:00 AM Dawn Patrol – The Dawn Patrol has always been a highlight of the Champagne British Car Festival. It affords the chance to drive the less traveled scenic back roads on an early morning quest for breakfast. Click for more info…

9:00 AM| Registration opens at David Davis Mansion

The David Davis Mansion provides a historic backdrop to display over 125 classic British cars.   Music, food and beverage vendors will enhance your experience.  Tables and chairs will be available. 

12:30 PM| Award balloting closes

2:30 PM | Awards ceremony

The day concludes with awards for the top three cars in their individual classes.  The State Farm Cup is awarded for the car selected as the best among the previous year’s class winners. The People’s Choice award is voted on by show spectators. 

For more information, visit  or the IFLBCC Facebook Event – Click Here

  • 4:00 PM | Mansion grounds close