Join in the FUN! Route 66 Cruise-in Poker Chip Run

What makes this game better than a standard 5-card poker run?  It’s that NOBODY has a clue if they have a good hand or a bad hand until they return from the drive.

To play, you have to attend the Driver’s Meeting at the Double Tree Conference Center’s parking lot on Saturday morning, June 4, 2022 and receive up your 2022 CBCF Poker Chip Run Instructions   

Your 1st Draw will be at the Double Tree Conference Center’s parking lot before you leave for the Morning Run.  The chips are divided into equal numbers in an opaque bag so you can’t see which color you’re getting.  

There will be four more chances to draw poker chips throughout the day.  At each stop, or designated chip draw point of interest, you will draw out 1 chip

At Saturday’s English Pub Night, we will stage a public drawing, where one chip of each color will be blindly drawn to determine value.  The first chip drawn is worth 20 points, the second chip is worth 10 points and the third chip worth 5 points. 

The beauty of this is that because the value of the chips isn’t established until AFTER the ride concludes, no one will know how their values measure up. Prizes will be awarded for the Top 5 scoring “Hands”