For Sale – 1980 MGB LE w/ OD – Asking $5,000

32 E Lexington Circle, Yorkville, IL 60560
630-670-8705 | [email protected]

This 1980 MGB LE was originally owned by a man who owned an MG
shop in Algonquin, IL. I purchased the car from his son’s estate in 2014. I
am a close personal friend of the family. Prior to me purchasing the car it
sat in a garage for several years. I was able to do some work to it, which I
will list below, and got it started in 2016. Since then, life has gotten in
the way, and I have not been able to show it the attention I would have
liked. I am looking to sell the car to an owner who would take good care
of her and get her back on the road. Please contact me via the contact
information on the bottom of page 1. I would be happy to answer any
questions I can.

32 E Lexington Circle, Yorkville, IL 60560
630-670-8705 | [email protected]

I will also be taking more pictures in the next week or so
that I can provide. Please note, I am currently in the process of moving
to Florida, but I will be able to facilitate any who would like to see the

Work I’ve done to the car:
• Dropped the fuel tank and had it professionally cleaned inside,
pressure tested and painted
• Replaced the rubber fuel lines and brake lines
• Rebuilt the carburetor and fuel pump
• Replaced the clutch master and slave cylinders
• Replaced the wheel cylinders and brake shoes
• Replaced as many of the rubber as I could (hoses, etc.)

Additional parts I have that will go with the car:
• Clutch pipe
• Brake drums
• Head gasket (bought as a “just in case”)

Things the car will still need:
• Motor mounts
• Suspension will need to be looked at
• The top has been folded since before I owned it, so I suspect it will
need to be replaced